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Juke Ball opened Juke Automotive in September of 2004. He had been working for a first-rate local auto repair shop (a job he got after moving to Austin from Australia in 2000), when he was offered a good deal on a basic shop. Juke decided to take the opportunity, and truly distinguish himself as a different, indeed better, kind of auto repair mechanic.

Juke Automotive Auto Repair Shop
Juke Automotive Owners
Juke Automotive Auto Repair Shop

Honestly, We Care about You & Your Car

Juke’s dual passions for honesty and people have driven our business from day one. For you, our straightforward, friendly approach to auto repair not only makes car care less of a headache, it also equates to good work done at a reasonable cost. Adhering to our founding principles has kept us in an upward swing as we continue to earn the privilege to work on more and more vehicles driven by the good people of Austin.

Big Hearts, Big Shop

Our crew today numbers over 20 people, which means we’ve definitely outgrown the small space Juke started in. In fact, we’ve outgrown ourselves twice. Now at our location on Shady Lane, we have ample space to provide all of the automotive services you need and to welcome new customers to the fold.

Juke Automotive Auto Repair Shop

Meet the Crew at Juke Auto

We’re proud to say we have the kind of people working at Juke Auto who go out of their way to help others. It’s practically a hiring point, and a key factor in the way we run our business. Meet our auto repair team!

Our Frontline

  • JukeOwner
  • Human Resource
  • Rocco
    RoccoService Manager
  • JensenAGM/Foreman
  • Charles - Service Adviser
    CharlesService Adviser
  • KenService Advisor

  • MiguelService Advisor
  • Candice - Parts Coordinator
    CandiceParts Coordinator
  • BennyDriver
  • Jacob
  • Sal - Intake
  • BetoTechnician
  • MattTechnician
  • WadeTechnician
  • Lucas
  • Tyler - Technician
  • Danny - Journeyman Technician
    DannyJourneyman Technician
  • Ryan - Technician
  • Xavier - Driver
  • Technician Mike Cafonie
    Mike CafonieTechnician