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Juke Automotive & the Alternative Learning Center

Every week our shop is lucky enough to have a few students from the local Austin ISD Alternative Learning Center visit us and talk to our crew. The ALC helps create a high energy, positive and well structured environment for students to be developed instead of students being disciplined. Juke Auto's goal is to help show these students that work trades are full of intelligent and successful people that also tend to learn in a different environment and manor.


Juke Auto Supports Travis Heights Elementary

Over 60% of Travis Heights Elementary students are economically disadvantaged, and close to 30% are learning English as a second language. The school is home to over 40 refugee students from around the world, speaking languages as diverse as Spanish, Arabic and Pashto. Travis Heights has an acclaimed Dual Language program, in which over 200 of our students participate. Travis Heights is committed to serve everyone, but the school still struggles financially. Each year during the annual fundraiser, Juke Automotive partners with a local pizza shop to donate profits on a specific day during the fundraiser.

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