Is It Normal for Car Air Conditioner to Leak Water?

Auto air conditioning systems require inspection regularly by a professional because they can be complex!

Car air conditioning leaks can happen anytime and it is crucial to find a solution to prevent these serious and sometimes expensive repairs. Preventive maintenance and inspection by an auto air repair shop will help you avoid a big expense.

What Are The Signs That Show You It Is Time For Your Car Conditioning Repairs?

A faulty air conditioning system needs a check-up by an auto ac expert. You should take your car for regular check-ups and watch out for your AC’s warning signs.

Water Leaking Outside

A drip or two of water leaking from under your car is normal, but if it is increasing in frequency and volume, your car needs to be checked. Your car uses a variety of crucial fluids that can leak and damage your engine’s performance. So, if you see large spots of liquid outside of your vehicle, it’s worth taking it into the shop to have it checked out so it doesn’t turn into a bigger (and more expensive) issue down the line.

Water Leaking Outside

The Air Is Not Cold Enough

If your air conditioning system is working, but not as efficiently as before, and the air is not coming out of the vents as it once did then your AC may need a recharge. Other reasons could be a loose hose, a dead fan, an issue with your evaporator core and condensate drain pipe, blown seals, or other issues which would need to be diagnosed by a professional. The lines in your air conditioning contain rubber that may decompose because of hot air and moisture which may cause a leak and less cold air to shoot through the vents, which should also be looked at by a professional!

Your Air Conditioner Is Making a Rattling Sound

Strange noises coming from the air conditioner system are a cause for alarm. If you hear a banging or rattling sound, you could have a broken condensate drain pan, the fan belt may be worn out and needs repair, or the system has clogs of debris somewhere making a hose to block. In a lot of these cases, you will find condensation on the dashboard. If you see that, it’s in your best interest to head to a trusted mechanic to get it checked out.

Your Car Is Inconsistent in Cooling

You will know your refrigerant is low when the cooling of the vehicle is not consistent on all vents, and it could be a result of a possible leak. You should have your car’s air conditioning checked by a mechanic to solve the issue immediately.

No Cold Air at All

If your vehicle’s air conditioning system is not able to circulate cool air, some hoses may be loose, or the car’s ventilation fan has a problem. It could also be the evaporator is not operating well due to mold or dirt in the system.

Your Car Air Conditioner Pushes Out Hot Air

If a car’s air conditioning is emitting hot air, that is a clear sign that your AC needs to be looked at and most likely repaired. A faulty air conditioning can lead to low fuel efficiency and cause damage to your car, so it’s in your best interest to get it looked at as soon as possible.

A Bad Odor

A strange smell coming through your car’s vents after putting on the air conditioning indicates that it needs some attention. Chances are you need to change your cabin blocked air filters, or you could have a problem with your evaporator. The smell can be due to blockage of the car’s condensate drain that leads to the accumulation of mildew and mold growth, or the filter is dirty.


A Bad Odor


The Cabin Becomes Warm After A Few Minutes

If your air conditioner stops working, it can ruin your day because of sweating before you reach your destination. This happens when your valves clog, preventing the refrigerant from entering the evaporator. A good technician will remove them to get your car’s ac system unit back to normal function.

Your Car Is Having Marginal Cooling When Driving at High Speeds

Your car’s air conditioning system cannot cool the car properly if its airflow is the same at a constant speed. To have a cooling effect in the car the air has to flow faster when you are driving fast, and the air flows when you are driving slowly. If this is faulty, it is time to make a trip to the Juke Auto repair shop.

How To Maintain Your Vehicle’s Air Conditioning

Your car’s air conditioning should go through a checkup at least once a year, and the process should be done by a car air conditioner maintenance and repair expert. The procedure includes checking the motor, blocked condensate drain pan, operating pressures, the return and supply lines, ventilation system, and refrigerant levels.

The Best Car Air Conditioning Expert in Texas

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